3 Quarter Sleeves Cut Work Blouses

Quarter sleeves blouse designs, cut work blouse, elbow length blouse looks very formal and elegant for any official parties and gatherings. One does not have to think thrice before wearing these for any occasion. The cut work and elbow length sleeves are forever in still.

The first image shows a very simple pink and blue saree with a cut work blouse. Cut work is all over the neckline and the sleeves and at the back of the blouse. All of it is fully covered in squared cut work which looks perfect for an informal meetings or lunches. 


The second image shows beautiful cut work on a yellow blouse along with pink floral design. The detailing on the sleeves of this blouse is quite appealing and the choice of colors has completely enhanced the cut work. 



The 3rd and 4th images are full of cut work on the sleeves of the blouses. It appears as net sleeves and gives a very sleek look to anyone who wears it. These cut work and showy sleeves are quite a trends these days.


The above displayed image shows a very delicate and decent kind of cut work with very subtle colors. This appears to be an everyday saree blouse.


The last image shows a very beautiful cut work blouse with an intricate work all over its back. The colors are vibrant and fit for any sangeet event. It can either be used for saree or any ghagra choli and is a perfect fit for young ladies. 

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