Single Side Work Blouse Designs

Single Side Work Blouse Designs

 Single Side Work Blouses, Latest blouse designs, saree blouse designs - all of these are the current celebrity trends. Latest designs these days include single side work blouses. They bring a completely new look and feel to a person's style and personality. A nice dress totally transforms a person.

The first image of a pink blouse shows a very gorgeous single side work design. Work on half side of the blouse with pearls and other embellishments gives out a very beautiful outcome. The sleeves are fully covered with embroidery and beads.  

Single Side Work Blouse Designs

The second image contains a purple and blue side work blouse with the same embroidery on the sleeves. The elegant cut work and fully detailed embroidered work on one side of the blouse. The tassels on the back add beauty to the blouse. There are various options for designs on the single side of the blouse such as pearls, zarri work and other embellishments.

Single Side Work Blouse Designs

The third image shows a beautifully designed net blouse with a single sided work on it. The zarri work with flowers and pearls on it make it look appear so elegant. When the net pallu covers ones side, these designs make the blouse shimmer.

Single Side Work Blouse Designs

A beautiful person with an elegant saree and intricate designing brings out a completely different look and feel. This attractive blouse in the 4th image with one sided design on the back will make the ladies' eyes roll over. The flowers on the back and sleeves have added to the beauty of this blouse.

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