Rekha Traditional Kanjeevaram Silk Saris

Rekha in Traditional Kanjeevaram Silk Saris

Rekha, Bollywood Saree, Traditional silk Sarees, Kanjeevaram saree show some very beautiful saris for formal gatherings and festive occasions. Kanjeevaram saris have always been an all-time favorite for all celebrities and important personalities. They give a completely different and grand look and feel. The shine, glow and properly pleated outcome of these Kanjeevaram saris is always a 'win-win' situation for most of the Bollywood celebrities.  

Rekha is one of the biggest names in Bollywood. Spotting her in these Kanjeevaram saris, surely make it a big thing and end up making a whole lot of people wearing these and setting trends. In the above image, Rekha on the extreme left is seen wearing a Kanjeevaram saree which is a combination of beige, rust and gold. The glow and shine of these sarees are very eye-catching. Her bun hairdo with floral gajras and heavy necklace and bracelet is adding charm to the whole attire.

The picture in the center of the image shows a very beautiful combination of colours of Kanjeevaram saree. The shimmer of turquoise and gold gives out a very elegant and classy look and feel. Her open wavy hair and the right selection of jewellery with a red pout and an elegant clutch in her hand bring about the best in her beauty.

The image on the extreme right shows a very bright orange and gold combination of these Kanjeevaram saris. The colour seems to be a bit bright for the occasion with a golden purse and golden long-chained jewellery. Her open hair with a red pout is complementing her overall look. 

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