10 Rich Beanras Sarees Collection

10 richest Banaras sarees collection
Saree is a classic wrap of Indian women which has given her the elegance. The silk saree marks uniqueness in its own way. In India almost every woman desires to have a silk saree. There is no woman who hasn’t heard of Banaras and its famous silk sarees. It emerged in around 14th century. The six yards drape from Varanasi is traditionally included in wedding trousseau, an ensemble that is must have for Indian brides. The bright color and broad golden zari border with buttis is core of them. The legacy in looms of Banaras obtained global fame as the richest heritage of India.
Read about the top 10 Rich Banaras sarees collection below.
Butidar’ Banarsi sarees- These are also called Ganga-Jamuna for the three different tones of fibers used. The golden, silver and silk threads are woven into elegant motifs variegated all over the drape. The butidar saree is one of the rich Banaras sarees. The bouquet of Butidar sarees includes creepers and butti. The row of arched patterns in Kairy Kalanga Thakka Anchal or Mehrab Anchal is striking when done on intense colors like dark blue.
10 Rich Beanras Sarees Collection
Islamic patterns on Banarasi sarees- Banarasi silk sarees fetched new height during Mughal rule, especially at the time of Emperor Akbar. Richness of Mughal era reflects in the Islamic inspired patterns on Banarasi sarees. Floral pattern and ‘Jali’ or ‘Jaal’ or mesh pattern are common patterns that have continued the charm of era till date.
Brocade sarees- Zari and brocade are characters of Banarasi silk sarees. Gold and silver silk threads are held as extra fibers in the warp or weft to create raised ornamental Zari-brocade patterns. Scattered zari brocade is used for the sarees as they have some flexibility.
10 Rich Beanras Sarees Collection

Jangla Saree- It is a type of Banarasi brocade saree that adds festivity with the use of colorful silk threads contrasting gorgeously with gold and silver. This veteran model is characterized by flowers and creeper motifs. Condensed Jangla extends to the floral border on the end panel.
Jamdani silk saree- The best produce from Banarsi loom, Jamdani saree is technically a brocade saree. Silk fabric is brocaded by transfixing cotton or zari (rarely) thread to create patterns. The traditional patterns are pan (leaf), Jasmine, marigold, diagonal stripes and panna hazar (Thousand emeralds).
10 Rich Beanras Sarees Collection
 Jamawar tanchoi saree- Weavers use an extra colorful silk thread in weft to create beautiful pattern in these silk sarees. Elaborate Jamawar inspired paisley motif jumble into more intense design.
    •    Tissue Saree- Golden tissue fabric woven by Banaras weavers in combination with zari and silk makes the tissue silk. The fabric is shiny due to use of metallic gold and silver zari wire in weft over the silk warp. These are popular wedding sarees and looked up by affluent class.
10 Rich Beanras Sarees Collection
   •    Cutwork Saree-The model replicates Jamdani but is much cheaper. Plain textured silk fabric peek through the overlaid cut work design. The floating (non-woven) threads are cut to furnish the transparent look and urbanized as the original Jamdani. Pattern runs across the edges.
10 Rich Beanras Sarees Collection

    •    Kadhua' silk saree- The saree was gifted to Michelle Obama when she visited India earlier in 2015. It was 3 month’s sweat of three weavers.  The cream color silk saree weave is worked upon with gold and silver threads. This Kadhua' silk saree weighed approximately 400 grams and priced 1.5 lakhs.
10 Rich Beanras Sarees Collection

    •    Banarsi Meena saree- Meena butti zari Banarasi silk saree is stylish yet traditional silk Saree native to Banaras. Fine woven art silk and zari saree is richly decorated with intricate resham buttis across the saree. The outlines of buttis are done with zari while border is woven into Meenakari style.
The above collection is exclusive and one must follow for traditional as well as contemporary look. Designers are major contributor in reviving Banaras silk with the creation of interesting designer
10 Rich Beanras Sarees Collection

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