Latest Light Weight Silk Sarees

Lightweight Silk Sarees are Easy to Wear
Epitomizing a perfect combination of hard work and richness, silk sarees are the finest produces of Indian handloom industry. Coming from the states of Mysore, Banaras, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and many others, they are known to be example of traditions woven in the most stylistic patterns ever seen. The exquisitely appealing Indian silk sarees are famed for their glossy beauty and unparalleled variety of patterns as well as bright shades. It is much bought for the purpose of wedding as they tend to enhance the overall beauty of an Indian bride. Well, the wedding functions are incomplete without the bride wearing pure silk sarees.
Latest Light Weight Silk Sarees
Latest Light Weight Silk Sarees

Some of the silk materials are heavy and takes a month long to weave. These sarees may not be possible for every woman to adorn them for parties. This is the reason that lightweight silk sarees are getting prominently worn. In fact, they are much beautified by the Zari borders and intricate patterns woven authentically. With so many varieties of lightweight silks available in the market, it is really easy to get traditional patterns articulated with finesse.
Latest Light Weight Silk Sarees
Latest Light Weight Silk Sarees
Broad Cloth Silk:
Being a soft and lightweight silk giving feel like a cotton material, Broad Cloth Silk is one of the most loved silks to be worn on regularly. It tends to have a dull shine with a flat and smooth base. In fact, it is known much for holding the creases well and can be cut into manufacturing excellently tailored light blouses. Along with this, Broad Cloth Silk is simple to stitch and does not exhibit pin marks.
Brocade Silk:
Considered to be richly crafted fabric, woven finely on a jacquard loom with satin weaves, lightweight brocade silk is used for designing sarees. Indeed, the warp float in the loom is intended to give elevated appearance to the saree.
Latest Light Weight Silk Sarees
Chanderi Silk:
Representing sheer beauty with exceptional lightweight texture and softness at its best, Chanderi Silk is one of the must materials to have it in wardrobe. It is crafted with unfastened, plain weave as well as firmly shaped single crêpe yarns in warp and weft. This is said to have a crepe like texture and used authentically for occasional wearing purposes.
Crepe Silk:
Silk Crepe is a deluxe fabric with a decent sheen and a Shingly texture attained by making use of high twist yarns. Definitely stating, it has an attractive drape, and is widely utilized to develop sarees, evening wear and bridal gowns.
Latest Light Weight Silk Sarees
Dupion Silk:
Dupion Silk is manufactured with regular and coarse silk spun from double cocoons or nested together. A sophisticated woven material developed with a fitted plain weave, adequate warp yarns, rich yarns that formulate protruding, asymmetrical crosswise ribs. They are available in bright shades with a restrained crisp drape, fairly reflection based lustre and a wavy texture. This is a special silk to be worn exclusively on traditional occasion. Indeed, its lightweight nature makes it worth buying and keeping in the wardrobe without much difficulty.

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